Dr Harshad Argekar

Mission Statement of Dr Harshad Argekar

  • I am a doctor because of the patient.
  • A patient is the most important person, if someone trusts me, I should live up to their expectations.
  • ‘Be Patient’ with a patient. Not all conditions can be cured, but understanding & empathy with the problems will relieve suffering.
  • Pt should feel better after leaving the consulting room. Mental & physical relief from symptoms is important.
  • No unnecessary surgeries. Lot of orthopaedic conditions can be well managed without surgeries. An operation is one of the tools in the process of patient care.
  • No experimental treatment. In medicine, latest is NOT necessarily the best. Use of PROVEN & TIME TESTED methods gives the best results
  • Every patient should receive information about the problems suffered & the choices of treatment should be made taking the patient into full confidence.

Patient Stories

“We are all immensely relieved and deeply thankful to Dr. Harshad Argekar, our Orthopaedic surgeon. It was interesting to meet with Dr. Argekar – he was clear about the problem, the potential issues, and what he was going to do…”

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